best friend


you wake me up early in the morning so you can start your day
you do the silliest things and make me laugh so hard I could cry
you’re the first one to greet me whenever I come home
but I really do miss you while I am gone
sometimes you make me so angry that we don’t talk for a while
but you’re always quick to forgive me when I’ve been horrible
sometimes you just stare at me and I wonder if you are reading my mind
but when I think of the vacuum and you just yawn, I know that I was mistaken
when I am hyper you let me dance you around the room
and even though you can’t smile, I am sure you love every second of it
I get so scared when you are ill that everything around me stops
and as you are getting older I appreciate every minute that we have
to love you means that I am pathetic and to talk about you means that I am nuts
but I am the one with the advantage because I know of something pure and true
a love so strong that it remains, even when I am cleaning your poo