how lovely


Several weeks ago, my dear friend Jane at Crazy Sunshine nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award. Thanks Jane 🙂 If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, do it now!

Now I must follow protocol, offering up 7 things about myself, and then presenting my nominees. Here we go!

1. My favourite fruit is raspberry. Both for their deliciousness and because they remind me of my late Grandma who had a raspberry bush in her backyard.

2. I love sports – football, hockey, and baseball. I am a Bills fan, a Leafs fan, and a Blue Jays fan. Truthfully, it is not the athletics that appeal to me, but the experience of joining together with a large community of people to cheer for something that you have absolutely no control over. Also, there is nothing quite like playfully trash talking friends who support opposing teams.

3. I am in the midst of writing two books. One is a hilarious collaboration with my friend Angela. The other is a deeply personal account of the relationship that broke my spirit and the long process of bringing myself back to life.

4. My deepest fear is that I will be unsuccessful, make nothing of myself, and continue to be a burden on my family. I am following my dream anyway.

5. I have a secret soft spot for ballet. When nobody is paying attention, I like to watch Gisele or Swan Lake and cry into my stuffed elephant.

6. I love elephants! I find them beautiful and fascinating.

7. I am horribly stubborn…… and it took a lot for me to say so.

And now I present my nominees:


Thoughtful Minds United

Walk With Me…

Have a lovely day everyone 🙂


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