brain power


I was waiting my turn behind a few cars at a stop sign when I witnessed a black Mustang, driven by a young man and his friend, spin their tires and fly around the corner making the tail end swerve momentarily before reclaiming control. When they sped by me, I could see that they were very pleased with themselves. “What a dick” was my initial reaction, soon followed by a very condescending, “Oh the reckless stupidity of youth”. Then finally I found myself laughing as I imagined the driver’s thought process during this spectacle. Man, wouldn’t it be super cool if I showed these other cars how fast I can go, oh yea that was so awesome, and now all these people think I am dangerous and sexy and they want to be just like me. And while his buddy was cheering him on he was thinking, I am so glad that I am in the passenger seat because everyone will see that I am really fun but if we crash I will not be held responsible for any of this. Atleast that’s what I imagine was going through their heads.

The things we spend time thinking about can be really incredible. I, for example, I spend a lot of time thinking about superpowers. I have been obsessively reading Kelley Armstrong’s The Women of the Otherworld series so that could be part of the reason. But yes, I have spent more time than I would like to admit considering all the possibilities of having a superpower. Of the countless options – super strength or intelligence, mind reading, flying, telekinesis, persuasion, time travel, clairvoyance, and so on – I would choose invisibility. I wouldn’t want to perform a ritual or lug around a cloak in order to do it. I’d want a simple thought to be the trigger. Then of course I have to consider what I am wearing, holding, or touching. What good is being invisible if my clothes are still floating around or I can’t bring anything with me. Plus I imagine it could be entertaining to move or carry things that are still visible. So I’ve concluded that my invisibility (including clothing) would be controlled by my mind, along with the ability to choose whether or not I want to touch/carry/move something and make it invisible as well. No size/weight/time limitations or side effects can be placed on my superpowers and I reserve the right to decide how and when I will use them. Copyright protected by Idontwantthistobackfire Incorporated.

An important question remains: would I use this power for the good of humanity by becoming “Lady Invisible” and living as a full superhero, or would I keep it to myself and use it for my own needs and advancement. As selfish as the latter may seem, an argument can be made that I would be avoiding the inevitable isolation and loneliness that’s shown in most retro comics and pop-fiction. Plus it’s not as though I would never use my powers to help others, I just wouldn’t put a label on myself that may restrict me from living a happy and free life. Alright it would appear that I already know my answer to this question and I just needed to justify it. Rather than feeling guilty about my selfishness though, I prefer to think that I’d be protecting those around me from any backlash or invasion of privacy. Yes, an acceptable rationalization indeed.

This world lives on in my mind and I continue to provide detailed elaborations that make it more wonderful with each visit. But as the time I spend in reality lessens, I reluctantly wonder what I could be accomplishing if I ignored my imaginary inclination. There is no doubting that it’s unhealthy to spend this much time in my head; then again, having an imagination is considered very healthy. The black mustang incident, for example, could have left me feeling annoyed and irritable. Instead my imagination took me somewhere that had me laughing. Driving and laughing by myself may look ridiculous but I prefer it over driving angry. I suppose it’s all about balance.

And so I find myself once again in a balancing act, standing on a stack of chairs perched on the edge of a cliff. I carefully look down without moving my head. While I can only faintly see the bottom, I notice that the fall would be safely broken by a large white cushion. There also seems to be a team of people waiting for me dressed in white. My eyes travel up and register that the wall of the cliff is also padded in white….. Oh. Looking over my shoulder I see a world of muted shades of grey and brown. People shuffle around politely, going about their day neither happy nor sad. The chairs beneath me barely wobble but I can feel that I will not last very long. I must choose. I close my eyes to concentrate and when they open I smile. In front of me are three oranges. I grab them and begin to juggle. Maybe I’ll choose later 🙂

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